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The office furniture industry needs to carry out green marketing energetically. Addtime:2017.11.11 Clicks:3029次

With the economic globalization, the demand for office furniture industry in China is increasing. As consumer health, environmental awareness strengthens, office furniture is given more mission. To gain a foothold in the competitive market, we need to actively carry out green marketing.

Since the reform and opening up, China's economy has been growing rapidly, and the demand for government offices, public institutions and enterprises has increased sharply, which has made the office furniture industry a great progress, and the output value is constantly expanding. So far, China has become the largest manufacturer and exporter of office furniture in the world. At the same time, the domestic market for office furniture industry put forward higher requirements, should actively carry out green marketing, emphasis on human nature, comfortable, science and technology, make office furniture industry towards a new stage of development.

The so-called green marketing refers to the way to win the market in the fierce competition through the segmentation and positioning of the market and the comprehensive application of products, prices, channels and promotion strategies. For office furniture enterprises, it is also necessary to combine green marketing mix, namely green product strategy, green pricing strategy, green channel strategy and green promotion strategy.

On the green product strategy, the office furniture needs to be green design, green packaging, strive for green sign, get "green pass". In the process of green design, we should consider the greening of raw materials, design for manufacturing and assembly, design for disassembly, life-cycle assessment technology and other factors.

On the green pricing strategy, green price refers to the knowledge attached to develop green products, labor and material inputs and higher than that of the traditional product prices, for office furniture, the price of greening is the foundation power to promote the implementation of green marketing, we can rational allocation of resources such as raw materials, significantly improve the utilization rate of resources, at the same time to strengthen the construction of enterprise green image.

In the green channel strategy, the office furniture enterprise needs to choose the middleman carefully, establish the stable green marketing network; Pay attention to the work of marketing channel and do the basic work of green marketing channel; As far as possible to establish short channel, wide channel, reduce channel cost and green cost.

On the green marketing strategy, office furniture enterprises through green media, through the green means such as advertising, green marketing, green public relations, the green message and guiding green consumption, inspired to guide the green demand of consumers.

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